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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bunny Cake.

Wishing Everyone A HAPPY EASTER. We baked an Easter Bunny Cake today and it was a great fun project especially frosting our bunny cake. Its basically a simple vanilla cake recipe adapted from here and we used Betty Crocker's Rich and Creamy Vanilla Frosting.

  • 2 round vanilla cakes (9" each)
  • 1 can Betty Crocker's Rich and Creamy Vanilla frosting( 160z)
  • M&Ms and Twizzlers for the decoration(eyes,nose,mouth and whiskers)
  • Yellow food coloring for the bow tie(optional)

Preparation : Assembling of the Easter bunny cake can be done as follows:

Bake two round cakes. Let them cool for about an hour before you begin frosting.
Now cut one of the round cakes as per the click below. This will be the bunny's ears and the bow tie.

Now assemble them on a cookie sheet or cardboard lined with aluminium foil.

Let the fun begin. Frost the cake and give some character to our bunny.