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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

About Me.

Who am I.I'm Dolly a food enthusiast who enjoys the pleasure of healthy and good eating. Right now I'm a homemaker and a full time mother to my kids. I have been in Sales- IT (Information Technology) as well as Retail. Have been in IT development and also been a teacher. I'm a die hard optimist who believes in Karma. Most of the time I think with my heart. I Love going for long walks and a big time dreamer. I would sum it up saying An Ordinary girl with Extraordinary Dreams and who Is'nt afraid to Dream....thats Me.

How was Curry and Beyond Born.It was really born out of the fear of being home after being so busy(professionally) all my life. I wanted to have an identity of my own. After the birth of my younger son, he's 2 now. I stayed home to take care of him and my older 6 year old son. My husband was working longer hours and I felt one of us needed to be home for the kids. So it was Mother's Day 2009, I kind of said to myself if I really wanted to do something that was a great day to do it . It would be an awesome gift to myself. So Curry and Beyond was Born. I must say this has been a gift which keeps on giving.

Where do I get the recipes for Curry and Beyond.I know when I say this I speak for many of us. I have learnt cooking from my mom who's an awesome cook as well as my grandmom and aunts. Growing up around them you just learn by watching them. My sister and sister in laws are great too. So have learnt many things from them. In fact my sister has her major in Food and Nutrition. Last but not the least my mother in law is great in this department as well. She's really good. So for North Indian dishes my Mom is the go to person and my MIL for the south Indian dishes. See I get the best of both worlds. Also I'm blessed with so many great friends and blogpals , from whom I learn something new each day. The internet has been and will continue to be a great source as well.

Why the name Curry and Beyond.The intention was, when you see this name, you will get the essence of what this blog was going to be all about. I personally believe food brings people together. It surpasses all boundaries. I've always been open to new recipes and love cooking new kinds of food in my kitchen. I'm always excited to know about different cultures and food. It has always fascinated me and I would love to showcase all kind of recipes on this blog. So its not just restricted to Indian cooking but you will find Italian, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese etc recipes to name a few. Hopefully I will be adding recipes from all over the world.

Who all are the Contributors and authors.Well I would say we are a family who love to cook together. Some recipes are contributed by my DH. Some Clicks have been taken by my older son, who is also my baking buddy. My younger one is my tester/taster. He also comes up with great ways to describe a dish, So there you go he helps me with the feedback for my blogpals as well. His 3 favorite food words are Wow, Yummy, Awesome. Now you know the secret of how I write my feedback.

My Other Blog.I do have another blog as well which is not food related. Its called My Journey Through Life. It basically is about some moments from my day to day life revolving around my family , friends and current events. So could describe it as, A blog about Everything and Nothing in Particular.

Feedback - Please feel free to give me your feedback and suggestions. Bloggers thrive on feedback, thats the only way we can keep going.

Contact Me @ Dolrama@yahoo.com

Disclaimer - Though all the recipes have been tried and tested in my kitchen , when you try out a recipe from Curry and Beyond, do so at your discretion and use your judgement as well . Please refrain from using the material or pictures from Curry and Beyond, without the prior approval from the author. All the contents including the text and pictures have been copyrighted.

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