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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cake with a Fishing Theme- Retirement Cake

For many of you who are following my posts are aware that I have started making cakes professionally. This cake order was placed with me at my very own "Sweet Tooth"  and it was for a retirement party. The person who was retiring loved fishing. So wanted to incorporate his love for fishing and the outdoors into this cake. Its  half vanilla and half chocolate cake decorated with butter cream icing. Its filled with butter cream icing too. The wooden plank which says "Happy Retirement Bob" is made of gum paste and is edible. The other decorations (fisherman, fishes, trees, rock) are not edible.

The person who placed this cake order when came to pick up said this cake was way over the top and it was beyond her expectation. When she took it to work they all loved it too and not a single piece of cake was left...She was really kind enough to send me an email with the feedback. I was happy with the positive feedback. So another success story for "Sweet Tooth" !!! Hoping to create sweet memories one cake at a time.