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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carrot and Honey Milkshake

When I eat fresh fruits and vegetables I just feel healthy already. I know we should exercise as well. I'm guilty as I don't exercise as often as I should. So at least I try to eat right. This morning as I looked at my fresh vibrant orangy carrots I could'nt resist the temptation for a chilled glass of Carrot and Honey Milkshake. Also its been pretty hot since last couple days..But I'm not complaining since I love when the sun's out and everything around you looks gorgeous. Lets toast to this beautiful sunny weather...

Even Mr. Carrot here approves of this healthy Milkshake. !!!! This has been inspired by my dear blogpal Padhu from Padhu's Kitchen , who is a queen of vegetable and fruit carving and ofcourse has a wonderful collection of delicious and creative recipes.
  • 2 cups grated carrot (2 large carrots)
  • 4 cups milk
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1/2 cup ice
Procedure :
  • Wash, peel and grate the carrots.
  • In a Blender , add the grated carrots and about a cup of milk and blend till smooth. Now add the rest of the milk , honey and ice and blend.
  • Serve immediately. This recipe serves 3-4.
Now you could strain the milkshake through a fine strainer before serving or serve as is. Also you could add a little sugar if the carrots are not sweet enough.


  1. Omg, wat a fantastic shake, truly looks awesome and beautiful dolly, feel like finishing that glass of goodness immediately..

  2. thats a very healthy recipe. I love carrots and I wonder how I never thought of this. really creative and healthy. that would be my b'fast from now on. love the carving...Hi to your lil one and mr.carrot.

  3. slurrrrrrrrrrrrrp! the very mention of the carrot and honey milkshake makes me drool.Mr carrot looks really realistic with his big eyes little teeth showing,very talented and artistic touch to it.

  4. hahaha..cute Mr Carrot! shake looks very healthy and yummy!!

  5. Carrot shake looks so delicious and beautiful clicks too.

  6. Carrot and honey milkshake looks fantastic and I love your carrot man with those little teeth. Now kids have summer holidays here in India ,so could not concentrate on blogging .I am happy u liked my art work and recipes and thanks for mentioning about me in your post.Leaving to my mother's place for a week .Will come back and catch up with all your post.

  7. Hy Dolly,
    This combo treat is new to me..Looks divine..

  8. Very refreshing for this hot summer... I am totally dead & so must be the JANATHA here..... It is just getting hot & difficult to beat the summer heat.... & this shake is surely rescuing & the dash of honey makes it more tempting....


  9. cool and refreshing,,,,excellent for this season

  10. Weather is getting warm here too..Very sunny and bright.ur craved Carrot is very expressive !!Adding Honey is a nice idea..love to have it now.

  11. Adding honey is a great idea dear...Shake sounds healthy and creamy...

  12. Wow Amazing milkshake dolly,iam impressed on seeing your carrot man.Excellent pics dear.You are rocking with your presentation too.Good idea to attract kids.

  13. Mr.carrot looks cute :-)
    And the milkshake looks wonderful too :-)Honey makes it even healthier

  14. Yummy and refreshing milkshake. Perfect for the summer. BTW chow chow is chayote.

  15. thats a beautiful shake...
    Mr carrot.. shall we go for a date together :)
    do take a sneak in my space whn time permits.

  16. oooh yum.....
    I have an award for u!

  17. Thanx for visiting my blog dolly!i must say that shake is healthy and colourful...children I am sure will love this:)

  18. Dolly, it is not summer here yet, and even in Summers here we dont feel like reaching out for a glass of chilled goodness... But still I am soo tempted looking that the tall glass of yummy delight!! Oh, pls say my hi to Mr.Carrot, he looks gorgoeus! :D